10 Unexpected And Clever Ways To Use Curtain Clips

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My love affair with curtain clips began when we were moving into our studio space a little over a year ago. We were hanging curtains up over all the main floor windows, and I remember someone mentioning that they got annoyed by how difficult it was to open curtains that didn’t have curtain rings. You know, the kind that you slide the curtain rod through? I hadn’t thought much about it, since the windows at my house all have blinds, but I agreed that those kinds of curtains could be a nuisance.

Shortly after that, Kaitlyn came back to the studio with a pack of curtain clips so that we could make our standard curtains easier to open and close. We all loved them immediately, and I’ve been a big fan of curtain clips ever since. In fact, I like them so much that I’ve been coming up with more ways to use them around our studio, and I thought I’d share that list with you today! So without further ado, here are 10 creative ways to use curtain clips around your house.

10 Uses For Curtain Clips

Creative Uses For Curtain Clips

1. Tablecloth Weights

Use 4 curtain clips to weigh down a tablecloth. Clip one onto each corner of the tablecloth, and the weight will help keep your tablecloth from blowing away in windy conditions!

Creative Uses For Curtain Clips

2. Display Artwork

Thread several curtain clips onto a curtain rod or tension rod to create a quick and easy gallery display. Clip up photos, moments, or your kids’ artwork to put them on display, and change them out as often as you like!

Creative Uses For Curtain Clips

3. Maximize Closet Space

Pairing curtain…

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