12 Crazy Clever Uses for Cream of Tartar

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In my quest for a trick to remove gunk from some of our appliances, I found that there are loads of cream of tartar uses I’ve never heard of! It’s one of those ingredients you probably keep on hand all the time that works great in homemade cleaners. So if you want to step up your cleaning game, check out these cream of tartar household tricks!

12 Clever Uses for Cream of Tartar - Get rid of appliance gunk, clean metal and more!

Cream of Tartar Uses

Remove rust from your sink with a sprinkle of cream of tartar, some hydrogen peroxide and an old, trusty toothbrush that you use for cleaning. This scrubbing paste is great for lots of stains around the house!

rusty sink

The citric acid in cream of tartar breaks up the buildup on metal appliances. Just put a pinch of the stuff on a wet sponge, and get to work.

polish aluminum

It works well for cleaning appliances of all types, actually. Have something that’s just caked with grease and dust… something that you’ve given up on getting clean again? Give cream of tartar a try!

clean appliances

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