15 Moroccan Teens Treated For Rabies After Having Sex With A Donkey

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So, this is probably the most ridiculous news story you will hear all week.

I don’t even really know what to say about it.

Apparently, some teenagers in Morocco thought it would be a good idea to have sex with a donkey.

Didn’t work out well for them.

From Gateway Pundit:

Fifteen Moroccan teens were treated for rabies after having sex with a local donkey.

According to local officials the number contracting rabies could be much higher.

Morocco World News reported:

The sexually frustrated children and teenagers stayed at the Mechraa Belksiri Hospital for one week to receive rabies vaccinations after the animal transmitted the disease to them..

…Local authorities have been alerted and search for find anyone else who has “approached” and “admired” the animal closely, in order to limit the risk of rabies spreading among the inhabitants of the region.

The occurrence became the subject of mockery and ridicule among the population of the small town.

However, it has also become a subject of fear and shame for parents who, in the utmost secrecy, hastened to have their children vaccinated in case they had approached the animal.

Maybe not the best idea in the world?

Hard to believe that even crosses the mind of a human being.

Crazy world we live in.

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