18 Lunchbox Hacks to Keep You Sane This School Year

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Before you know it, you’ll be bleary eyed in the kitchen packing those lunches in the early hours of the morning. We’ve been there, and it can be so hard to pull everything together when you’re tired or in a rush. We’ve found some amazing lunchbox hacks and snack tips that’ll make your lunch-packing routine go so much smoother.

18 Lunchbox Hacks to Save Your Sanity This Year

Lunchbox Hacks to Save Mom’s Sanity

After you cut an apple, squeeze the pieces back together and secure them with a pipe cleaner. A rubber band works well, too. This keeps the apple slices from turning brown before lunchtime!

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Pack chicken nuggets in a thermos to keep them warm until lunchtime. Why did I never think of that?

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If your kid loves applesauce (but you hate the mess), add a packet of unflavored gelatin and 1/4 c. boiling water to 2 cups of applesauce. Pour it into muffin tins, and you have applesauce muffins without the mess.

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Freeze your kids drinks so you don’t have to cram an ice pack into the lunchbox. It’ll melt enough to drink by…

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