20 Oreo Cookie Recipes That Are Next-Level Genius

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There are few things in life more nostalgic than sitting at the kitchen table with a stack of Oreos and a glass of ice-cold milk. But who knew that age-old setup wasn’t even the best way to eat our favorite cookies ever? Don’t get us wrong. We’d eat Oreos in any way, shape or form (hello, fried Oreos at the fair FTW!), but there are some genius bloggers out there who have taken the old standard and turned them into something totally creative and new. And delicious.

Head to the store right now, and stock up on Oreo cookies, because after reading these recipes, you’ll be inspired to create your own unique twists.

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1. Oreo coconut cream truffles recipe

Oreo coconut cream truffles
Image: Inside BruCrew Life

These Oreo coconut cream truffles would make the perfect party favor or part of a dessert table.

2. Oreo cookie dough blondies recipe

Oreo cookie dough blondies
Image: Dinners, Dishes & Desserts

Oreo cookie dough blondies are just what…

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