20 Times Toddlers Make You Want to Scream F*ck at the Top of Your Lungs

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Having a kid means experiencing tons of beautiful, heartwarming, and adorable moments throughout the years, but it also means going through scenarios when all you want to do is scream “f*ck” at the top of your lungs. Whether you stepped on one of the Legos you asked them to pick up three days ago, have made two different meals for two different kids who now want something different, or have woken up to find a tiny body kicking and elbowing you in your bed, sometimes a string of curse words is the only way to get through it.

Ahead, the times you wish you could curse in front of your kids, but probably won’t . . . unless you can’t help it. That happens too, which results in some pretty hilarious but unfortunate repetition on the kiddo’s part that will probably make you want to swear again.

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