21 Of The Worst Police Composite Sketches Ever Circulated

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9. It’s tough to say who is really at fault in this hilarious police composite sketch. First of all, the hair. Just what in the world is going on there? And the beard! Just wow. How did an artist ever feel okay using this?
Gloucestershire Police / gloucestercitizen.co.uk


10. Now that is an interesting hair cut. The funny thing is that it looks like he has extremely thin and wispy hair, and yet it manages to stay up like that? This criminal has clearly been studying the secrets to a successful backcombing technique.

new-po-sketch-3Snellville Police / ajc.com

11. Unless the eye witness in this criminal case saw someone commit a crime on a Nintendo Wii, then there’s no reason that they would use an avatar for a composite. It makes you wonder if this actually worked out for them or not. They must have had no other options.


12. A robbery in the state of Missouri led to this hilarious van Gogh style character sketch. Also, was he looking to the left the entire time while he was committing the crime? If this leads to an arrest, then anything is possible.

bad-police-sketches-11Leadington Police Department / Facebook: Leadington-Police-Department

13. Here is another case of some of the worst computer-generated sketching known to man. Is the person’s face dirty or is that a beard? Was it a neanderthal who committed the crime? And what’s with the neck? Why is it so blurry? There are so many questions.



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