21 Of The Worst Police Composite Sketches Ever Circulated

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14. The funny thing about this composite sketch is that, other than the fact the suspect is lacking eyes, the details are actually pretty good. Who knows — maybe he really didn’t have eyes. It’s probably safer to assume the artist just couldn’t get them right.


15. The hat! How in the world is this the best possible sketch that the artist and the witness could come up with? Unless the crime was committed by Bruno Mars, there’s really no explanation as to why you can see none of his face.


16. Something about this composite sketch suggests that it was drawn by a kindergartener. Just look at the detail of the cheeks, nose, and eyes. That’s definitely an introductory shading style you learn in elementary school art class. Also, those eyes are a little too close together, right?


17. While this composite police sketch is easily one of the worst anyone has ever seen, believe it or not, it did actually lead to the arrest of a murder suspect in Bolivia. He must have really incriminated himself to get caught from this sketch.


18. This composite sketch is so awful that it almost seems fake. In what instance would it be smart to describe the person as a ninja? Sure, maybe you only saw the criminal’s eyes, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to help anyone catch him. Unless that interesting ensemble is exactly what he had on…?

ninja-po-1Suffolk Constabulary / suffolk.police.uk


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