21 Of The Worst Police Composite Sketches Ever Circulated

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19. This sketch of a bank robber in Thailand makes it look like he took some inspiration from Daft Punk. Do they really think they have a chance of nabbing him? They’re practically admitting to everyone that they have zero plans of ever catching the criminal at large.

20. This composite sketch makes it appear as though the criminal used to work in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. Makes you wonder why anyone with that much access to chocolate would ever have any reason to break the law.

new-po-sketch-6Hampshire Police / bbc.co.uk

21. If you can imagine the witness describing to the sketch artist that they saw a figure in the distance, then this is exactly what that composite would look like. Good luck catching this man with no face, your chances are looking very slim.

new-po-sketch-8Steve Parsons/PA Wire

It’s amazing some of these people have been caught! The details must’ve just gotten lost in translation.

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