23 Things Americans Don't Realize Are Weird

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Why are there such huge gaps in your bathroom stall doors?

Air conditioning everywhere, pumped up to the max.

Don't get me wrong, when it's 108°F outside, AC is a real blessing and I wouldn't survive a summer in NYC without it. But do we really have to go from sweltering heat to literally 40°F indoors? Can't we find some nice middle ground between sweating our asses off and having to wrap ourselves in a blanket to make it through a day at the office?


All the commercial breaks on TV.

All the commercial breaks on TV.

Literally every five minutes. There are so many commercial breaks on network TV that a 40-minute long episode ends up lasting an hour. That's a third of your time spent watching stupid commercials.

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The obsession with icy cold water.

The obsession with icy cold water.

The longer I stay in the US, the more I actually like icy cold water. It's definitely nice and refreshing in the summer. But restaurants serve glasses filled with ice cubes to the brim in the middle of January. Do you really need to feel even colder when it's freezing outside? Also, does no one have sensitive teeth in this country?


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