24 Shocking Shark Facts

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Sharks are friends, not violent killers.

1. In its lifetime, a shark can have up to 30,000 teeth. They are continuously being replaced and shifted within the mouth.

2. Whale sharks can live to be 100 years old.

3. Sharks are colorblind.

4. Sharks have been in existence for over 400 million years.

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5. Sharks have no bones in their bodies. They are made of a rubbery tissue called cartilage.

6. There are 440 different species of sharks.

7. Sharks have a sense called electrosense, which is the ability to sense electric signals. This gives them an advantage when searching for prey.

8. Sharks are hypersensitive to pressure changes in the water. They can notice the slightest changes via specialized cells with tiny hairs in them.

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