25 Awkward Couples In Cheesy Halloween Outfits, #18 Better Not Come To My Party.

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Many people might roll their eyes at the thought of a couples costume for Halloween, but that’s only because they haven’t seen costumes as cool as these.

It’s time for Halloween party pairs to step up their costume games and take their cues from these 25 couples. They’ve all have ditched the typical couple costume fare and used their combined creative energies to come up with something great. Grab your significant other and show them the list below. #23 gets it exactly right.

#1. Paula Deen and her favorite ingredient.

#2. A spooky skeleton couple.

#3. Wilson and his Castaway.

#4. Toni & Candace from “Portlandia.”

#5. Jack Skelington and his Corpse Bride.

Jack Skelington and his Corpse Bride.

#6. Dexter and his latest victim.

#7. Mario and Princess Peach.

#8. Just a couple of green army men.

#9. Let’s just hope they don’t role play.

#10. Van Gogh and his masterpiece.

Van Gogh and his masterpiece.

#11. The hottest couple at the party.

#12. A troll and a gnome — different, but somehow, the same.

#13. The Fairly Oddparents.

#14. The Spartans, from the classic SNL skit.

#15. Two very dedicated soldiers.

Two very dedicated soldiers.

#16. A baker and his pyramid of macarons.

#17. The completely censored couple.

#18. The Tooth Fairy and her greatest treasure.

#19. The king and queen of Candyland.

#20. Ice T and Coco.

#21. A USB drive and an outlet.

#22. A couple of pins on Google maps.

#23. A couple miming their love for each other.

#24. Mr. and Mrs. Pacman.

#25. Two nerds wearing nerds.

Two nerds wearing nerds.




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