26 Ways To Take Your Iced Coffee Up A Notch

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26 Ways To Take Your Iced Coffee Up A Notch

Move over, Mimosas. There’s a new brunch drink in town.


1. Roasted Marshmallow Coffee Cocktail Shakes

Roasted Marshmallow Coffee Cocktail Shakes

You might even be able to say the name five times fast after downing one of these. Recipe here.

2. Long Island Iced Coffee

Long Island Iced Coffee

YOLO, in a glass. Get the recipe here.

3. The Sleepy Hollow White Russian

The Sleepy Hollow White Russian

It’s a White Russian, light on the white. Get the recipe here.

4. Iced Coffee Rum Kicker

Iced Coffee Rum Kicker

The coconut water is a genius addition. Get the recipe here.

5. Midnight Mule

Midnight Mule

Ok, so this one technically only has coffee stout, but it’s just so good. Recipe here.

6. Boozy Iced Coffee

Boozy Iced Coffee

The secret ingredient is Frangelico. Get the recipe here.

7. Dark Moon

Dark Moon

Coffee, rum and coke. Now that’s what I call a balanced breakfast. Get the recipehere.

8. Coffee Caipirinha

Coffee Caipirinha

Who knew Cachaça and coffee got along so well? Get the recipe here.

9. White Russian Cinnamon Coffee

White Russian Cinnamon Coffee

Ice Cream > Regular Cream. Recipe here.

10. Dublin Iced Coffee

Dublin Iced Coffee

Coffee, whiskey and beer. Good morning, indeed. Get the recipe here.

11. Coffee Margarita

Coffee Margarita

Two of my favorite things, together at last. Get the recipe here.

12. Jocelyn’s Afternoon Chocolate Coffee

Jocelyn's Afternoon Chocolate Coffee

A literal afternoon delight. Get the recipe here.

13. Irish Iced Coffee

Irish Iced Coffee

The key is the coffee ice cubes. Get the recipe here.

14. St. James Flip

St. James Flip

It has a whole egg in it, so it’s basically* healthy. Get the recipe here.

*Not at all true.

15. Kirsch Aa Café

Kirsch Aa Café

Espresso foam tastes better in a cocktail glass. And with Kirsch in it. Get the recipehere.

16. Drunken Pumpkin Latte

Drunken Pumpkin Latte

And it doesn’t even have that freaky orange color. Get the recipe here.

17. The Chilly Irishman

The Chilly Irishman

Creative Culinary

The only thing better than Kahlúa is frozen Kahlúa. Get the recipe here.

18. Bailey’s Iced Coffee

Bailey's Iced Coffee

Bailey’s and Rum and Coffee = BAE. Get the recipe here.

19. Java Good Night

Java Good Night

This drink has mint, rum and cold brew. Get the recipe here.

20. Tirimisu Tippers

Tirimisu Tippers

It’s a drink AND a dessert. Get the recipe here.

21. Anthora Pilsner

Anthora Pilsner

An authentic Italian coffee has a twist of lemon. This one takes it up a notch with mint and three different alcohols. Get the recipe here.

22. Licor 43 Coconut Coffee

Licor 43 Coconut Coffee

Brunch is calling. From here.

23. Cardamom + Vanilla Coffee Cocktail

Cardamom + Vanilla Coffee Cocktail

Two great flavors, one cool drink. Get the recipe here.

24. Caramel Macchiato Jello Shots

Caramel Macchiato Jello Shots

Full recipe here.

25. Rumchata Iced Coffee

Rumchata Iced Coffee

The whipped cream is NOT optional. But the cherry is. Get the recipe here.

26. Starbucks Doubleshot + Vodka

Starbucks Doubleshot + Vodka

Simple. Effective. Delicious. Recipe here.

My body is ready.

26 Ways To Take Your Iced Coffee Up A Notch


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