27 Rainbow Recipes That Will Bring Joy To Your Life

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27 Rainbow Recipes That Will Bring Joy To Your Life

I’m not going to make a Skittles joke, but you should feel free to.

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1. Rainbow Veggie Flatbread Pizza

Rainbow Veggie Flatbread Pizza

I can only deal with Healthy Pizza if it’s Healthy Rainbow pizza. Get the recipe.

2. Raspberry Rainbow Bowl

Raspberry Rainbow Bowl

This smoothie bowl makes a beautiful breakfast or snack. Get the recipe.

3. Rainbow Spring Rolls with Ginger Peanut Sauce

Rainbow Spring Rolls with Ginger Peanut Sauce

The real magic of rice paper wrappers: You can show off your pretty ingredients.Get the recipe.

4. Rainbow Taco Lentil Salad

Rainbow Taco Lentil Salad

Hello, dinner! Get the recipe.

5. Rainbow Rice Krispies Treats

Rainbow Rice Krispies Treats

Guaranteed to sell out first at the bake sale. Get the recipe.

6. Rainbow Peanut Noodles

Rainbow Peanut Noodles

Think about how excited the peanut butter must be to participate in something that’s not beige! Get the recipe.

7. Rainbow Whole Fruit Ice Pops

Rainbow Whole Fruit Ice Pops

Fla-Vor-Ice for the enlightened. Get the recipe.

8. Rainbow Crostini

Rainbow Crostini

These are made with a creamy vegan cashew cheese, but you could definitely also use ricotta or goat cheese. Get the recipe.

9. Rainbow Sangria

Rainbow Sangria

Puts plain old red or white to shame. Get the recipe.

10. Rainbow Salad with Poppy Seed Dressing

Rainbow Salad with Poppy Seed Dressing

Yes, there is some lettuce under there, but it’s definitely not the important part. Get the recipe.

11. Rainbow Fruit Sugar Cookie Cake

Rainbow Fruit Sugar Cookie Cake

Tower of power. Get the recipe.

12. Rainbow Roasted Vegetables

Rainbow Roasted Vegetables

Studies show that kids are 600% more likely to eat vegetables if they’re arranged into a rAiNbOw. Get the recipe.

13. Rainbow Popsicles

Rainbow Popsicles

You’ll have to freeze the pops for about 30 minutes in between each layer (plus three hours for the whole thing to set up) so make sure you start with enough lead time. Get the recipe.

14. Rainbow Protein-Packed Salad

Rainbow Protein-Packed Salad

Remember to put the dressing in first so it stays at the bottom and everything else stays crispy until you’re ready to mix and eat. Get the deets here.

15. Rainbow Sherbet Cookies

Rainbow Sherbet Cookies

Are these cute or are these CUTE? The recipe uses different kinds of Jell-O powder to color and flavor each section of dough.

16. Rainbow Banh Mi

Rainbow Banh Mi

The radish and carrots will take about two hours to quick-pickle. Get the recipe.

17. Lucky Charms Rainbow Sandwich Cookies

Lucky Charms Rainbow Sandwich Cookies

Sure, I guess you don’t HAVE to tint each cookie’s filling a different color, but come on. Step up. Get the recipe.

18. Rainbow Chicken Salad with Peanut Vinaigrette

Rainbow Chicken Salad with Peanut Vinaigrette

Imagine how much more joyful your work day would be if you had this in the middle of it. Get the recipe.

19. Cold-Pressed Rainbow Juices

Cold-Pressed Rainbow Juices

From red (strawberry, watermelon, mint) to purple (blueberry, apple, beet, and honeydew). You’ll need an actual juicer to make these, unless you want to spend a LOT of time blending and straining. Get the recipes.

20. Honey Lime Rainbow Fruit Salad


Ain’t no party like a fruit party. Get the recipe.

21. Winter Rainbow Quinoa Salad

Winter Rainbow Quinoa Salad

Pomegranate basically turns anything into a party. Get the recipe.

22. Rainbow Tie-Dyed Cookies

Rainbow Tie-Dyed Cookies

Making these is a great activity for kids or bored people; you basically add food coloring to a bunch of separate bits of dough, smush them all together, then slice and bake. You end up with a different wacky cross-section on each cookie. Get the recipe.

23. Ina Garten’s Fresh Fruit Tart

Ina Garten's Fresh Fruit Tart

Just how Jeffrey likes it. Get the recipe.

24. Rainbow Veggie Skewers

Rainbow Veggie Skewers

A great party trick for the next time you fire up the grill. Get the recipe.

25. Rainbow Smoothies

Rainbow Smoothies

This takes a fair amount of blending and meticulous spooning, but the final result is pretty fab. Get the recipe.

26. Naturally Colored Rainbow Layer Cake

Naturally Colored Rainbow Layer Cake

Have your cake and not die of food coloring overload, too! Get the recipe.

27. Rainbow Slaw

Rainbow Slaw

Bree Hester / tablespoon.com

The honey, lime, and cumin dressing keeps things exciting. Get the recipe.


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