29 Funny Seniors Who Don’t Care What You Think. #15 Is Hilarious.

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As we get older, we find that we care less and less what others think of us. Maybe its the realization that life is just too short to worry about pleasing others. Or it could just be the years of experience and knowing that as long as we are not hurting anyone, we may as well do and say what makes us happy. Some very wise seniors with a sense of humor are truly living life to its fullest by doing what they want, when they want. I just hope I can be this cool when I hit my golden years.

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#1. Don’t mess with grandma!

Don't mess with grandma!

#2. How to always be cool.

How to always be cool.

#3. Mind your own business.

Mind your own business.

#4. That was fun!

#5. And she says it with a smile.

And she says it with a smile.

#6. Why not?

Why not?


#7. You will move when I move.

#8. Just hanging out.

#9. Getting a closer look at a new contraption.

#10. But what’s the drug?

#11. Can sleep anywhere.

#12. He can’t hold back his enthusiasm.

#13. Don’t trust the cute smile.

Don't trust the cute smile.

#14. Getting jiggy…

#15. Did we make our point?

#16. No better place to relax and enjoy a bevy.

#17. Don’t blush.

Don't blush.

#18. This is how grandpa gets the mail.

This is how grandpa gets the mail.


#19. Casanova.


#20. She hates making mistakes.

She hates making mistakes.

#21. It’s a multi-purpose vacuum.

It's a multi-purpose vacuum.

#22. One of her many retirement toys.

#23. Urban transportation.

#24. It’s legal now.

It's legal now.


#25. Giddy up!

#26. Getting a little too friendly.

#27. A dangerous sport.

A dangerous sport.

#28. You’re all that!

You're all that!

#29. We’ve all wanted to do this.

We've all wanted to do this.



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