30 Beautiful Braid Tutorials For Long AND Short Hair!

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1. For those with short hair, this is a beautiful braid!  Here.

1 hot cross buns

2 The Braided Bun… perfect for a special day or even a day at the office.  Here.

1 braid bun bang

3.  Ever seen these great bohemian side braids? I haven’t until now but I kinda want to try it.  Soon.  See it here.


4. The 3-braided buns.  This looks gorgeous.  And even doable!  Here.

1 braids into bun

5.   The quick and simple updo.  Gorgeous!  Here.

quick simple updo

6.   This mermaid tail looks super elegant on moms – kinda messy, kinda fun.  Easy directionshere.


7.  The half French braid ponytail.  Perfect for a busy mom who wants to have a little flair!  See it here.

half french braid ponytail

8. Braided Updo for short hair. So so pretty!  Here.

braided updo for short hair 1

9.   A great way to keep your hair out of your face and still look adorable.  Great for short hair too! Here.

half up braids

10.   A GREAT waterfall braid tutorial.  Perfect for long hair!  Here.


11. This braid acts like a barrette. This is a perfect way to have a trendy braid in your hair and not be too casual.  See details here.

half up with secret braid

12. Liking the waterfall braid but have short hair? This one’s for you! Also includes video tutorial to show how to do this on your own hair! Here.

 waterfall braid for short hair

13-27.  This post shows 15 ways to pull back bangs.  Seriously brilliant stuff!  Couldn’t resist including- not all are braids but all are super helpful!  Here.

15 ways to pull back bangs

 28.33 The Braid Breakdown.  Includes instructions to the basic breads.  All work great for a night out. Here.

 the braid breakdown 1


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