3rd Grade Girl Writes Poem About Femininity And It Has Millions Online Commenting

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The next Sylvia Plath might be among us. The internet is praising a poem about what it means to be female that was allegedly written by a third girl.

According to Distractify, an anonymous teacher posted a photo of the poem on Facebook.

“Take a moment to read this poem written today by one of my students. One of my THIRD GRADE students,” she wrote. “She wrote it at recess – no prompt, just free-flowing thought.”



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Here’s what the poem, “The True Feminine,” read:

“I am not sugar and spice and everything nice. I am music, I am art. I am a story I am a church bell, gonging out wrongs and rights and normal nights. I was baby. I am child. I will be mother. I don’t mind being considered beautiful, I do not allow that to be my definition. I am a rich pie strong with knowledge. I will not be eaten.”

The photo of the poem was also posted on Twitter by Arabelle Sicardi who changed her Twitter named to rich pie.

That post went viral and was retweeted more than 63,o00 tweets and got 156,000 likes. It was in this post that Sicardi likened the child to Sylvia Plath dubbing her the “gen z sylvia plath.”

“Apparently a 3rd grader wrote this. Go off, gen z sylvia plath,” Sicardi tweeted.

Sylvia Plath was an American poet, short story writer, and novelist who penned popular works like “The Bell Jar” and “The Colossus and Other Poems.” She won a posthumous Pulitzer Prize for “The Collected Poems” in 1982. Both Plath and the third grader’s writing focused on the experience of what it is like to be a woman.

Many people were arguing online over whether or not the post was actually written by a third grader but some don’t seem to care at all.

Sicardi said she didn’t know the original poster and their name was blacked out for privacy.

“I tried searching to no avail,” Sicardi wrote. “If you DO find out please let me know I would love to support the tiny genius.”


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Many were taken aback by the poem’s strong words.

“I will never write anything this beautiful and I have a degree in English. You go, young 3rd grader. Keep baring your brave heart,” wrote one Twitter user.

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Source: Distractify

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