5 Things You Need To Do Before The First Day Of School

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With summer winding down and school approaching, it is the time when all the moms and kids are talking about — preparing for school. Stores are stocked with endless supplies and lists are sent out from schools full of needs for blue and red folders.

For many moms, this time of the year brings about a mixture of feelings. There is the wish for summer to last forever and yet at the same time, the urgent need for the routine of school. As you set out to prepare for school, here are five ways you can prepare.

5 Things You Need To Do Before The First Day of School

Have After School Snacks Ready! 

Kids come home hungry! What are some snacks you can have on hand for them? What are some snacks you can easily send with them to take the after school care? While you are out buying pencils and book bags, also pick up some good after school snack options. You will not regret stocking up on some Ziploc baggies.  These protein balls are the perfect snack to have ready when they get home. 

how to make breakfast balls

Homework Station

No one is a fan of homework, but having a homework station can help lessen the stress. Put together a caddy of all the supplies your kids may need for homework. Basic essentials: sharpened pencils, colored pencils, ruler, paper, markers, and crayons are generally needed. Set the caddy in an easily accessible location.  We’ve made a DIY Homework Station from Ikea & Hobby Lobby items and it’s perfect for our kids. 


As you receive important dates from school, go…

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