9-Year-Old Finds Piano At Costco For Performance That Wins The Internet With 3 Million Views

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The shoppers at a local Costco thought they would find some good deals and free samples during their trip to the wholesale club, but they probably had no idea that they would also be getting front row seats to a phenomenal classical piano concert by a child prodigy.

They got to witness the overwhelming talents of pianist Jake Clayton.

Jake, who is now 15-year-old, started his piano lessons before he was 5-year-old. According to his YouTube page, Jake made his concerto debut performing Mozart with the Saddleback College Orchestra in California at age 10.


Chamber Music OC

Source: Chamber Music OC

Jake has been featured in performances at the Bowers Museum, the Church of the Master, and the West Coast Performing Arts Foundation.

He has also won a variety of competitions including the 2014 MTAC State Solo Competition, the 2014 Los Angeles Young Musicians International Competition, and the 2015 Glendale Piano Competition.

Jake is currently studying under Dr. Kevin Kwan Loucks, Artistic Director of Chamber Music | OC.

But the Laguna Niguel, California teen’s internet celebrity began when he was just 9-years-old in his local Costco.


YouTube Screenshot

Source: YouTube Screenshot

Jake spotted a small sized piano in the store and jumped at the chance to start feverishly playing even though he didn’t have a stool. His fingers flow effortlessly over the keys as he plays a stunning rendition of the traditional Hungarian folk dance Csárdás.

He is surrounded by people and their massive shopping carts but Jake just focuses in and plays his music.

A crowd begins to form around him as people watch his amazing talents in complete awe. Some people even started taking videos of his performance.

“That’s amazing,” gasps one onlooker.


YouTube Screenshot

Source: YouTube Screenshot

His technique is absolutely flawless as his starts to play faster and faster. The large crowd is absolutely stunned by his talents at this point and just watch him in complete silence.

Jake, who is wearing his plastic black “Happy New Year Hat,” doesn’t even seem to realize that they are there and looks entranced in his piano playing.

The video of Jake’s Costco concert was posted on YouTube by Jonathan Velasquez where it got more than 3 million views.

Many YouTubers applauded the child’s talent and his dedication to studying the piano for hundreds and even thousands of hours. They said that people will be paying to see him perform in no time.

You can watch Jake’s jaw-dropping performance below.

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