A Baby Was Left Lifeless And Blue In A Bus Stop Until This Caring Dad Came Along

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UK Father Believed Lifeless Baby Left In A Bus Stop Is A Prank, But Then His Actions Saved The Child’s Life


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A Baby Was Left Lifeless And Blue In A Bus Stop Until This Caring Dad Came Along

JULY 17, 2017

 —  By
Sarah Gzemski  

Sarah Gzemski

Sarah Gzemski

Animal and pizza lover with an Internet addiction. Nerd to the max. Currently residing in Arizona, the land of beautiful winters.

In the age of the internet, it’s always possible that when you’re in public someone is pulling off a prank.

Much like the old show “Candid Camera,” people sometimes leave something strange laying around and set up a camera to see what people will do. There’s even a show called “What Would You Do?” where a newscaster creates moral dilemmas to see how the public will react.

When Daniel Braxton’s partner and daughter said they thought they saw a lifeless baby left at a bus stop, he thought it had to be a doll or a trick. What he found instead saved a life.

Even though he thought it might be a prank, Braxton turned the car around immediately to check out the scene at the bus stop.

“We pulled up at the bus stop, but I didn’t want us all to get out because I didn’t my daughter to see it. I rang the police and the ambulance and told them there was something in the bus stop,” he said. “To be honest, we didn’t know whether or not it was a sick prank. As I pulled up closer I could see the umbilical cord coming off the baby.”

In the video below, Braxton’s daughter describes what it was like to see something so horrific.

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