A brush that straightens hair?!? I want this NOW!!!

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The brush is from an Italian company called DAFNI and is a “hair straightening ceramic brush.” The idea is similar to any other straightening tool — you slowly run the hot ceramic through your hair and it gets rid of any waves or kinks.

What DAFNI claims makes it better than competitors is that it has more surface area than the traditional straightener, which means that hair could be done in as little as two minutes. Plus since it’s already a brush, the hair wouldn’t get tangled, according to the company.

Of the seven people who have reviewed the brush online, many of them are impressed, leaving five star reviews on Dermstore and saying how bouncy, shiny, and straight the DAFNI brush made their hair.

“I cannot wait to use this every single day,” one commenter gushed. “It is so easy and makes my hair look great in just a few minutes!” She added that her only con is a lack of temperature settings and that her ends are “not completely pin straight.”

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