A cafe in Japan is serving coffee in ice cream cones, and they’re as delicious as they are photogenic

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Given our love of all things coffee, we’re always looking for new ways to enjoy that morning hit of caffeine. Starbucks keeps blessing us with new cold brew flavors. Earlier this year, Starbucks released the Unicorn Frappuccino to mixed reviews. And soon, we’ll be able to enjoy a cup of joe from Luke’s Diner IRL with Scott Patterson’s very own coffee brand.

But we weren’t expecting Japan’s latest caffeine craze, the Coffee Cone, which swaps out the cup for an ice cream cone! If you think that sounds hard to eat, you might be right. But we’re not focusing on that aspect right now. We are simply intrigued to learn that this is a thing.

It brings a new meaning to the morning cup a joe and the disposable cup.

It’s a little different, but it looks absolutely delicious! And Coffee Cone isn’t the only place making these sippable desserts. This is a full-on trend abroad that clearly needs to come to America.

Fancy some iced coffee? Grab a cone!

So before you rush out to grab your free ice cream cone, feast your eyes on some more offerings from the land that serves coffee in a cone.

Thank you for bringing this delight into the world, Japan! Copycats are welcome and encouraged to go full steam ahead. You know where to find us when samples are ready.

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