After wife dies man plants thousands of trees to hide a message. 17 years later it becomes clear

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A balloonist discovered a secret message a farmer hid in the trees planted in honor of his late wife 17 years later.

All married couples hope their marriage lasts forever. Everyone hopes they spend 50, 60, or even 70 years with their significant other before passing away. Few things compare to the bliss of waking up next to the one you love on a daily basis as the decades pass.

According to Glad Wire, Janet and Winston shared a special kind of magnetic love. The two fell in love with each other at first sight. The rest was history. Married in 1962, the loving couple moved to a farmhouse and started a family together. The couple had a beautiful baby boy and a happy life together.


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Three decades into their marriage, the happiness came to a halt.

Exactly 33 years into their marriage, Winston’s world turned upside down when Janet passed away at the age of 50. After passing away from heart failure, both Winston and their son struggled to cope with the loss of Janet. As much as they tried, things could never return to normal without her.

Coping with the loss of his wife of 33 years, Winston crafted an idea, the perfect way to honor his late wife. Those who knew Janet knew she enjoyed the meadow near their home. She enjoyed going on walks through the meadow as frequently as she could. Winston decided to do something with the meadow was the only way to truly honor her memory.

How he honored his wife was a secret he kept to himself until someone else discovered it nearly two decades later.

According to Faith It, Winston hired professionals to assist in planting thousands of oak trees behind his farm. For nearly two decades, no one had any idea the professionals helped Winston plant the oak trees in a particular pattern – the shape of a heart.

Andy Collett, a hot air balloonist, first noticed the heart shape in the meadow during an otherwise normal flight.


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“I have my own balloon and am quite a regular flyer, but this was the most amazing sight I have ever seen from the sky. It was a perfect heart hidden away from view – you would not know it was there. You can just imagine the love story.”

Hidden in the tree-filled meadow was a giant heart symbolizing the love Winston and his late wife shared.

Winston admits he ventures out to the tree-riddled meadow from time to time to sit and reflect on the fond memories of the time he shared with Janet. Some wonder, and some assume Janet looks down on Winston with a smile on her face because of his romantic gesture.

The heart carving in the meadow served as therapy, allowing Winston to heal.


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Planting the trees and carving out the heart served as just the therapy Winston needed to overcome the tragic loss of his wife. Most can only hope for a love as strong as the one Janet and Winston shared. Any time anyone flies across the meadow, the heart shape will remind them of the epic love story between Janet and Winston.

Although separated by death, Janet and Winston will always have each other’s hearts.

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