The best Minecraft birthday party ideas!

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My daughter is absolutely obsessed with Minecraft and after reading about all the benefits from actually playing it, I don’t have a single complaint! Check out all these party ideas to give them a day they will never forget!


This  impressive MINECRAFT BIRTHDAY PARTY was submitted by Milena Freitas of Uni Duni & T. What an awesome party! It has so many great ideas and details that are just fabulous!…see more



This fabulous MINECRAFT THEMED BIRTHDAY PARTY was submitted by Donna Rivera of PartyRus. What a fun party! There are so many awesome Minecraft ideas and details in it that I just love…see more
This awesome MINECRAFT BIRTHDAY PARTY was submitted by Vanessa Cachiello of Balinha e Balão. What a fun party theme for a little boy! I am loving all of the cute and creative desse…see more


Minecraft Birthday Party Decorations

Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas:  Decorations from Alex Nguyen Photo | Cool Mom PicksThere’s no need to go too crazy with decorations in my house since my kids are mostly excited to eat cake and run around with their friends. You can still make a big, kid-friendly impact with fun touches like these cute (and easy!) Ghast and Creeper figures made from paper plates, black paper, and streamers. This is a fun project for the kids to do too.

Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas: Creeper Head on Play Dr. Mom | Cool Mom Picks

And a green paper lantern is quickly transformed into a hanging Creeper head lantern with a few pieces of black construction paper. (The lanterns are on sale at the aptly named Paper Lantern store)

Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas: Mural from A Brit of Happiness | Cool Mom Picks

Party planners with a little more time–and the ability to hang things in a straight line–should check out this big Minecraft Creeper DIY mural, made of square paper plates–dinner size for something this large, or dessert size for a smaller finished product. The only downside? My son would want me to transfer this to his bedroom after the party.

Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas:  Decor by Margarette Sia | Cool Mom PIcks

Never underestimate the power of a color scheme and matching balloons. I love how photographer Margarette Sia decorates for her Minecraft birthday party with a bright tablecloth, square plates, and a few clusters of balloons. Voila! Minecraft decor! Black electrical tape is optional, but works to great effect.


Minecraft Birthday Party Activities

Though my kids would think it’s perfectly acceptable to set everyone up on the computers to play a few games, I’d rather their Minecraft birthday games and activities be a bit more social. I love the idea of doing  a fun scavenger hunt to search for “diamonds” in exchange for small treats.

Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas:  TNT Party Activity by Paula Gilarde | Cool Mom Picks

A fun way to finish off your scavenger hunt? Light off some TNT and cheer at the explosion. Don’t worry, this is definitely kid-friendly, if a little sticky, if you borrow Paula Gilarde’s idea to combine the Mentos-in-soda experiment with some DIY Minecraft TNT wrapping that looks pretty easy to make. I am positive I’d run out of soda before the kids tired of this explosive activity.

Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas" Pig Party Game from Momma D and Da Boyz

Pin the tail on the. . .Pig.  How cute is this twist on Pin the Tail on the Donkey, using a few sheets of square pink paper and some pig “tails.”  I really like how  mom/party thrower Jennifer has used a handmade Minecraft Steve head instead of the traditional blindfold. I’d probably use my son’s store-bought Halloween-costume Enderman head which is pretty hard to see out of anyway.

Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas: DIY masks from Raining Hot Coupons | Cool Mom Picks

This Minecraft party mask activity might just get a few excited, sugared-up kids to calm down for a little while as they create their own unique Minecraft character. Use squares of cut construction paper, or grab a set of precut Origami squares or even colored Post-It notes, and let the kids create their own designs on a piece of cardboard. Great photo opp!


Minecraft Birthday Party Food and Snacks

Free Minecraft party printables from Printabelle | Cool Mom Picks

Download these free Minecraft printables by Printabelle which are made to stick in front of snacks like cookies and carrots. It’s up to you how you decide to interpret “diamonds” and “slime balls.” And though I wouldn’t go crazy trying to make everything cube shaped,  foods like hard cheese, mini sandwich bites,  pizza, and brownies can be easily made square-shaped to fit the party theme nicely.

 Minecraft birthday party food from Made by A Princess | Cool Mom Picks

Along with regular party snacks, these pieces of edible Minecraft coal at Made by a Princess Blog are in keeping with the theme and are no harder than your basic Rice Krispie recipe with some black food coloring. And yes, you can get black natural food coloring too. Click over for the easy DIY.

Minecraft birthday party ideas: Fondant cake toppers by Like Butter

There are many unbelievable Minecraft cakes out there, though I know my kids would be perfectly happy with a yummy handmade (or store-bought) cake topped with some adorable fondant Minecraft birthday cake toppers made by Like Butter. Don’t balk at the overall price which is for an entire set of twenty; message the owner with the figures you want for more wallet-friendly a-la-carte pricing.

Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas: Cupcake Toppers from Peace Love & Cake | Cool Mom Picks

If cupcakes are the guest of honor’s sweet of choice, I’d definitely consider topping them with these edible handmade Minecraft Cupcake Toppers by Peace, Love & Cake. They’ll sit stiffly on top of your cupcakes, and she can even include a coordinating topper with the birthday child’s initial or age on it.

Free printable Minecraft cupcake toppers from Printabelle | Cool Mom Picks
For the not-so-edible route, check out these free printable Minecraft cupcake toppers at Catch My Party, which will make green-frosted cupcakes Minecraft-party ready. Just print on cardstock, cut, and tape to toothpicks or small lollipop craft sticks. So easy!

Printable minecraft cupcake toppers/wrappers at Austin Craft Invites

More fun printable Minecraft cupcake toppers: The ones from Austin Craft Invites on Etsy, also seen at top. They’re not free, but $10 gets you the whole set of toppers plus the cute green cupcake wrappers.


Minecraft Birthday Party Favors

If you want to send the kids home with more than memories, here are a few Minecraft-related party favors that won’t end up immediately at the bottom of the toy box. Or so we hope.

Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas: Crayon party favors at Cyns Sensations

Encourage your guests’ offline creativity with a set of these amazingly detailed Minecraft-and-LEGO inspired crayon party favors. I bet my kids play with them as much as color with them.

Minecraft goodie bag ideas: teaspoons by Bespoke Party Products | Cool Mom Picks

I adore these Minecraft wooden teaspoons by Bespoke Party Products that could go from the table to the take-home favor bag (after a quick rinse, of course). With ten Creepers and ten Pigs, they are surprisingly affordable and ready to dig into whatever you serve.

Free printable Minecraft bookmarks at Grunge Zombie  | Cool Mom Picks

These free printable Minecraft bookmarks would be a great party favor, especially tucked into a favorite paperback. Or, check out this brand new Minecraft book which looks pretty great for all-age Minecraft fans.


Catch My Party – This Pinterest board is a one-stop shop for Minecraft party ideas
Paperblog – Creeper balloons, cookies, tees, desserts… this has it all
I Choose Awesome – Planning tips, printables, a photo booth and more
The Kitchen Magpie – Tips for throwing a simple Minecraft party
Foxt Designs – Over the top! Their Pinterest board is pretty awesome too.


Don’t go to the expense of buying invitations, there are plenty of places to download free printables that look great:

Printabelle – Loads of other printables too, like water bottle labels
Birthday Buzzin
Geek Mom Mashup
Ben Comics – A cute Enderman, with matching thank-you note… my favourite!
PaperCraft – Design your own invites using background images like this grass one


Minecraft piñatas are super easy to make thanks to the blocky style of the game. This DIY idea using miniature boxes is really clever:

Domestic Femme – Cool tutorial to make a Ghast
Are You Kidding Me – Another cool one, this time a Creeper
Not crafty? Buy a readymade one from Etsy, like this Mini Creeper


I can’t believe how many awesome ideas for Minecraft-themed cakes there are now. When I made this one for my son in the early part of 2012, there were almost none! So you’ll find no shortage of inspiration, but here are the ones that I think are either the best or easiest to make.

This is the cake I made and it was super easy. It’s made up of individual blocks to represent grass, sand, water, snow and TNT. You can find the instructions over onmy other website Snagglebox.

Next up is this incredible TNT cake made by the delightful Cupquake. If you haven’t seen her YouTube channel yet, make sure you check it out. She has really easy-to-follow tutorials for all kinds of goodies.



Here’s a handy Pinterest board of Minecraft cake ideas:

Mario AfonsoMario AfonsoCakes MinecraftMinecraft CakeMinecraft cake | Flickr - Photo Sharing!.Minecraft Birthday Cake #minecraftMinecraft cakeMinecraft CakeMinecraft!Children's Birthday Cakes - MinecraftMinecraft Cake51kKx+uvTrL._SX425_.jpg (425×319)Minecraft CakeMinecraft Cake Che's bday.. Can I pull this off with an infant..Minecraft cake  CakeMinecraft cakeMinecraft cakeMinecraft cakeMinecraft cakeMinecraft cake cakeminecraft cake - Google Searchminecraft cake 3D with video tutorial  birthday cake fondantCake at a Minecraft Party #minecraft #partycakeMinecraft partyMinecraft Party Ideas (TONS of SUPER Cute Ideas!!!) - Click ImageMinecraft party with a vintage twist! So many cute ideas! Via Kara's Party Ideas #minecraft #party #ideas #supplies #decorations #favors #cake #cupcakes #ideaMinecraft TNT cake.Minecraft Party Food!minecraft party | Party-Minecraft / Minecraft CakeInside my Minecraft favor boxes.Minecraft - MinecraftMinecraft Party Decorations #minecraftMinecraft cakeMinecraft Petits Fours by Kedvelt on deviantARTminecraft birthday cakeCoolest Minecraft CakeMinecraft CreeperMinecraft cakeMinecraft - browniesMinecraft cakeMinecraft birthday party!Minecraft cookies.Minecraft Birthday PartyMinecraftMinecraft Cupcakes  | |  #minecraft #cupcakes #birthday #partyMinecraft cakeMinecraft Cake - a gamer's favourite...minecraft cakeMinecraft birthday cake.Haniela's: Minecraft Cake, Enderman & PiggieSee On


Homemayde Cakes – This cake is insane! It even has creepers and chickens.

Gourmet Gaming – This one looks like the actual Minecraft cake block (and the rest of her site is fantastic too).


There’s also an awesome tutorial video on making the Minecraft block cake, by Feast of Fiction:


The basic player activities in Minecraft (exploring, digging, cooking, crafting, brewing, farming) lend themselves nicely to inventing party games, not to mention all the animals and blocks and characters too. Scavenger hunts, sandcastle competitions, making swords and pickaxes, petting zoo… you should be able to come up with stuff pretty easily.

This family made a neat video of their party, with clever games like Creeper bowling.

Or how about a game of ‘pin the tail on the pig’, as invented by Momma D and Da Boyz.


As far as theming the look of the party, think green and you can’t go wrong. And remember the official motto of Minecraft parties – when in doubt, stick a Creeper head on it!

The Party Animal – Printable party banner
My Sugar Coated Life – Creeper face template for decorating balloons or tees
Amazon – Grass mats!
The Party Animal – Printable cupcake toppers


The really neat thing about Minecraft is that there’s food in the game already! Carrots, baked potatoes, cookies, melon, chicken, pumpkin pie… there’s lots to play around with. Plus you pretty much just need to cut stuff into cubes to call it Minecraft themed. Too easy!

Parties 4 Ever – Loads of great ideas as well as some really impressive food
Candy Bar Cupcakes – Creeper cupcakes (with template)
Coastal Sling Mommy – Creeper pizza!
Say Not Sweet Anne – Marshmallow creepers (very cool)
Cake Journal – Creeper cake pops

And another awesome video from Cupquake, making Creeper and Steve cookies:


Thanks to YouTube, there are a zillion Minecraft parody songs to delight your little party guests. Megan Townes created a handy playlist, and there’s also one in this post by Frugal Family Times (which also has printables and game ideas).


These simple green Creeper bags from Neat 2 Eat have to be the easiest party bags I’ve ever seen! Such a neat idea.


If all of this sounds like too much work, why not throw a virtual party in Minecraft instead! You can serve cake, dance to music and even have fireworks. This Stampy surprise party video is fun to watch and has some great ideas for birthday fun inside the game.


And lastly if you’re stumped for gift ideas for the birthday boy or girl, don’t forget to check out The Really Big List Of Minecraft Gift Ideas.



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