Bob Beckel Fired From Fox For Insensitive Remark To African American Employee

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Bob Beckel is one of the most recognizable personalities on Fox News.

He was one of the original hosts on ‘The Five’ before taking a break from the show to deal with personal issues.

Beckel recently returned to the show and revived his role as the angry liberal on the panel.

Looks like that role is going to be filled by someone else very soon.

From Mediaite:

CNN’s Chris Cuomo Declares Trump Guilty Of Interference In Russian Probe…

According to Variety:

“Bob Beckel was terminated today for making an insensitive remark to an African-American employee,” the network said in a statement.

Obviously, Fox is a little sensitive right now to issues like this considering they are in crisis mode over the sexual harassment allegations.

It’s well known that Bob is a crass and crude guy.

Looks like his act finally wore thin.

Beckel went to CNN after leaving Fox the first time.

Will he pop up there again?

Or is his career on television finally done?

Stay tuned…

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