Bombshell Report Confirms Worst Fears About Benghazi, Hillary Silenced Security Officers Who Survived Attack

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There are a number of things Hillary Clinton will never be able to live down.

-Her private email server and the deletion of 33,000 emails.

-Losing a presidential election to a billionaire reality TV personality with zero experience holding political office.

-And, last but certainly not least, her handling of Benghazi, in which four Americans (including a U.S. ambassador) who killed.

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Security officers who survived the attack at the diplomatic compound in Libya on 9/11/12 say then-Secretary of State Clinton’s team silenced them about lack of adequate security. Go figure.

Here’s the scoop, per Washington Examiner:

Security officers at the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi claimed Tuesday that an employee who reported to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pressured them to be quiet about the lack of adequate security just before the 2012 terror attack in Libya.

Torres Advanced Enterprise Solutions employees Brad Owens and Jerry Torres told Fox News host Tucker Carlson Tuesday evening that they were told not to talk about the government scrambled to improve security at the compound just weeks before the attack.

Torres said the men were “absolutely” silenced by a senior State official who was close to Clinton.