Bradley “Chelsea” Manning Posts Selfie After Leaving Prison

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Bradley (Chelsea) Manning was released from prison today after Obama erased his 35-year sentence for being a traitor to the country.

From The Hill:

Former soldier Chelsea Manning has been released from prison after serving seven years for leaking thousands of classified documents.

The BBC reported early Wednesday morning that Manning had left Fort Leavenworth military prison in Kansas, citing a U.S. Army spokesman.

Former President Barack Obama commuted Manning’s 35-year prison sentence just days before he left office.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo Declares Trump Guilty Of Interference In Russian Probe…

And make no mistake. He is a traitor to the country.

Manning posted a selfie today after getting out of jail and let’s just say Bradley looks a little different…



The left is touting Manning as a transgender hero.

I just have one question.

Do you think Obama would have let him out if he wasn’t transgender?

I’m thinking no….

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