Bride hugs father at wedding, has no idea marine brother has returned home to surprise her

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A wedding is one of the most special and important days in someone’s life. It signifies making a lifelong commitment to one person – to being there for them through thick and thin and through sickness and health.

As a result, it is always important that the bride and groom have the people at their wedding that matter most to them. This can be parents, siblings, and/or friends. The most important people in the bride and groom’s life can share in the magical moment with them, and can build memories that will last a lifetime.

Well, sometimes it is not always possible for everyone important to make it. Schedules are challenging to coordinate, people grow apart, and sometimes, people may not be able to come due to their jobs.

Military members often fall into that category. If a military member is stationed in a different place, it can be difficult, if not impossible for them to make it back to the wedding. The members of our military sacrifice their lives in many ways, including missing out on their loved ones’ special moments. It’s become a largely, but reluctantly, accepted fact of anyone who has known and loved a person in the armed forces. When her sister, Hannah, got married, Lealah Abraham decided to surprise her with a very special wedding gift: she snuck their enlisted brother home in time for the ceremony.

Lealah wanted to make sure that everyone important to her sister was at the wedding, and she knew that her enlisted military brother was one of them. Lealah did whatever it took so that her brother could attend the wedding. Even better, she made sure that his appearance was a surprise to the bride and groom. It was the best surprise that they ever could have asked for.

Hannah was hugging her father, unaware of the man in a dress uniform walking up behind her. She spun around and was caught completely off guard as a pair of formal shoes entered her field of vision. As she looked up, she quickly realized just who it was. As the two happily embraced, Hannah choked out a teary, “Oh my God. You’re here.”

This heartwarming and beautiful surprise is a stern reminder of the sacrifices that military men and women make for us every day. We should always to remember them.

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