“Broad City’s” Eliot Glazer tells us how the new season expresses political outrage through comedy

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Matt Monath

You may not think you know Eliot Glazer, but you probably do. He plays Ilana’s brother on Broad City, and he is also Ilana Glazer’s brother in real life. He’s written for Broad City, Younger, and our very own co-founder Zooey Deschanel’s show, New Girl. Among all the other projects he has coming out, one that you can see live is his bi-coastal show Haunting Renditions.

Eliot, a New Yorker now living in Los Angeles, puts on the show in both cities, and I caught his most recent show in Brooklyn. Haunting Renditions turns trash into class. The show takes terrible songs from our youth, and he and his band then transform them into jazzy/classical compositions. Watching Eliot perform is a hilarious surprise; most of the time, you’re thinking, “Wait! I know this song. What is it?”  You start hearing lyrics that you didn’t even know were in the song. Nostalgia clashes head-on with comedy, and it’s fantastic.

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Eliot Glazer: Thanks! Mamrie is actually a neighbor of mine. And Pete, Taran, and Marina were all amazing. We’re working on it with a production company as a one-hour special to kick it off that way. To see what it would look like. We’re in the early stages and have been brainstorming this concept for a while now. It seems like it would work pretty well on TV in the company of all these shows that are so based in music, like Lip Sync Battle and Carpool Karaoke. We’re like, this is the time.