Caffeinated Peanut Butter is Here to Help You Get Through The Day

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Makers of a new caffeine product are buttering up coffee lovers with a food that’s stirring up a lot of buzz.

WFSB’s Eyewitness News tried the newest trend caffeinated peanut butter, which has a Connecticut connection.

“It was a conversation about a sandwich that would cure hangovers the world over,” Chris Pettazzoni, who is one of the makers of Steem Peanut Butter

Friends Chris Pettazzoni, of Springfield, Ma., and Keith Barnofski, of Southington, were having a light-hearted chat and ended up being the launching pad for a winning idea.

Pettazzoni and Barnofski are the makers of a caffeine infused peanut butter called Steem Peanut Butter.

“It’s just going to carry you through the rest of the day,” Pettazzoni said.

One tablespoon of Steem Peanut Butter is equivalent to about a cup of coffee.

“It’s released more slowly and it’s not going to come on and give you this jittery rush,” Pettazzoni said.

Steem Peanut Butter is made with all natural ingredients including peanuts, salt, organic agave nectar and of course, natural caffeine.

Pettazzoni said it’s just like regular peanut butter with a little extra zip.

“We did not want to mess with the flavor,” Pettazzoni said. “We love peanut butter too much. Why change it?”

If it’s your first time trying Steem Peanut Butter, the makers suggest skipping that extra cup of coffee or you might feel those caffeine jitters.

“Start small, add more as you go,” Pettazzoni said.

Steem Peanut Butter is being sold all over New England.

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