Car Plows Into Crowd In Charlottesville, VA, Liberal Media Blames Trump

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President Donald Trump gave a speech calling on everyone to love one another more and to stop the hate “on all sides,” in the wake of the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia at a white nationalists’ rally.

What could possibly be wrong with that, right?

But still, the left found it wanting.

Why? Because he condemned hate and violence “on all sides.”

How dare he!

The left went absolutely bonkers.

This incident is actually a perfect shot of the media in microcosm.

Yes, people were run down at a rally with white nationalists. And we don’t know the facts but if it was purposeful, it should be condemned. But recognizing there was one evil there doesn’t mean there wasn’t another.

The people ‘protesting’ the white nationalists weren’t there to protest them peacefully. They were there to break the law and crack their heads. That’s what Antifa does.

And yes, they were Antifa, not ‘anti-racists’ as most of the media described them.

Violent anarcho-communists, even there waving communist flags.

But not one mainstream media outlet correctly identified them, mostly simply calling them counter-protesters. Despite the fact they made their anarchism and/or communism clear with red flags plus other signs, those signs were not mentioned either.

The violence they had been committing, including punching a reporter in the face, was not even mentioned.

But Trump was the one ignoring facts?

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