Cars Both You & Your Teen Will Want Them Driving

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It’s safe to say the only time you truly look forward to visiting the DMV is on your 16th birthday. For parents, though, a kid getting her driver’s license can definitely be daunting — likely because it involves watching your “baby” embark on the activity that is the leading cause of death for U.S teens according to the CDC. (Not to freak you out or anything.) But don’t fret: Although there are several factors — price, mileage, even style — to take into consideration when purchasing a car for a new driver, the most important by far is safety.

For one thing, electronic stability control and curtain airbags are a must. Larger cars protect better in a crash, so no Vespas, OK? And steer clear of taller vehicles like SUVs, which have a higher center of gravity and are more likely to roll over. Sport and turbo editions with higher horsepower are also not recommended, as this increases the possibility of reckless driving.

So, with all that said, what on Earth is left to buy?…

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