Chicago Bears Vodka Gummy Bears!

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When you soak gummy bears in vodka, they absorb the alcohol and turn into a yummy fruity treat with a kick. Add the Chicago Bears colors and you have an awesome football party idea!

How to make Vodka Gummy Bears

Time to complete: 20 hours. That’s 10-15 minutes to put the gummies in bowls, and the rest is just letting them soak.

You’ll need:

  • Vodka
  • Gummy bears or worms
  • A bowl

You don’t need an expensive vodka – something mid-range is fine because you’ll barely taste it at all anyway. Note: a couple of commenters have reported trouble with “cheap” brands of vodka. I can tell you for sure that Svedka and Smirnoff work, and you can usually get the big 1.75l bottles for around $20, sometimes less.

Step 1: Put your gummies in bowls

This is pretty straightforward. I kept out a dry gummy of each type so I could compare their size to the ones that were soaking. Note: the bowl on the right is rummy cola gummies, which ended up being so good that I gave them their own post [coming soon].

Vodka Gummy Bears Tutorial

Step 2: Pour the vodka

Next, pour enough vodka into each bowl to cover the gummies well.

Vodka Gummy Bears Tutorial

Step 3: Wait patiently

At this point, you’re done until the vodka has all been soaked up. You can cover the bowls to keep the fruity smell from filling up the room, but you don’t need to cover or refrigerate them. In the earlier version of this tutorial, I said you did, but I was wrong. It actually works much faster if you just let them sit in a bowl.

After about four hours, I fished out a gummy of each type, and put them beside the dry one. They were noticeably bigger, especially the worm, but I thought they could get bigger still. I ended up letting it go overnight. The next morning when I got up, about 20 hours had passed since the beginning of the experiment, and I fished out another gummy for comparison. You can see the difference for yourself:

Vodka Gummy Bears Tutorial

Vodka Gummy Bears Tutorial


Serving Drunken Gummy Bears

Once these are done, they get slippery and a little bit slimy. To serve, I recommend you spoon them out onto a flat dish or surface. As you do so, you’ll find some of them have gotten stuck together. Just wedge your spoon gently in between them and they’ll pop apart. Offer guests spoons or appetizer forks to stab them.

Vodka Gummy Bears Tutorial

Vodka Gummy Bears Tutorial

Vodka Gummy Bears Tutorial

There will be a little bit of “juice” left over at the bottom of the bowl you soaked them in.

The taste

These taste just like the candies, except with a little of that vodka burn.

Alcohol content

There’s been a lot of speculation about how much (or little) vodka is in these, so I weighed them dry and post-soaking. This won’t be exact, but it should be somewhat useful. Dry, the bears weigh 2 grams and the worms weigh 5 grams. Soaked, the bears gained 2 grams of alcohol and the worms took on 3 grams. Other gummies you use may vary. In ounces, this means that each bear contains about 0.071 ounces of vodka and each worm contains 0.106 ounces. So to equal a standard drink (1 1/2 ounces), you need about 21 bears or about 14 worms.


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