Complete Guide To Essential Oils (How to Use & Buy)

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While most people reach for prescribed or over-the-counter drugs when something goes awry with their health, it turns out that a drop of essential oil could be the answer to virtually any ailment. If you are fed up with the regular visits to the drugstore, consider stocking your cabinet with essential oils as an effective natural alternative.


Essential oils are designed to heal, based on their chemical constituents. Given their molecular size, they have the ability to penetrate the skin faster and easier, delivering the healing abilities where needed. It has been scientifically shown that some essential oils are capable of affecting the central nervous system, which means that they can lower blood pressure levels, boost energy levels, and calm you down.


You can inhale them through hot water facial steams, hot compress, or diffuser.  Inhalation works best for sinus problems, stress relief, headaches, and colds, usimg about 10 drops.

Adding them to your bath is yet another way to reap their benefits and get the ultimate healing without leaving the home. Mix the oils with soothing salts or carrier oils like sesame or coconut (3/4 of a cup). The oil cannot disperse evenly without an emulsifier or carrier oil. This method works best for relaxation, sleep issues, respiratory health, skin issues, and muscle pain.

To use them for massages to relieve muscle tension, use a 2.5 percent concentration. Rub a few drops of the oil between palms and inhale to distress and clear out the sinus passages.


Follow the instructions below in order to avoid fake essential oils!

Try the ring test: Put a drop of the oil on a paper and let it dry.  It is fake in case it leaves an oily ring behind.  Exceptions to this rule are darker and heavier oils like vetiver and sandalwood.

Check the label: Look for the plant`s Latin name on the label on the bottle.

Note the packaging: Look for a glass bottle which protects against the strong compounds found in pure essential oil. Oils packaged in plastic bottles are typically fake.

Go organic:  Look for the term wild-crafted on the label or the USDA organic seal.


Start your essential oil collection with these oils!


The use of this essential oil goes far beyond beauty products! It is ideal for relaxing and calming down before bedtime. It has been scientifically shown that lavender has more medicinal uses that one could think of. Namely, doctors at the New York University found that patients undergoing gastric bypass surgery needed less morphine when breathing lavender.


The smell of jasmine essential oil is a known aphrodisiac and is often used to treat sexual disorders. It has been shown to offer disinfectant and antiseptic properties, treat depression, and fade dark spots and scars.


Eucalyptus is a natural decongestant which soothes respiratory problems. To disinfect the lungs and the nasal passages, inhale some of it using a hot compress. To keep germs at bay and improve breathing, add a few drops into the humidifier.


This oil is an extremely potent antibacterial agent, while its antioxidant properties are ideal for combating sinus infections.  It can be even used in your food, too.

German Chamomile

German chamomile is a potent anti-inflammatory agent which makes it effective in treating inflammatory disorders and conditions, from depression and joint pain to cancer. Putting a drop of the oil in each hand and breathing in helps alleviate an anxiety attack.


Combining it with a few drops of carrier oil and applying it topically offers a wide array of health benefits. Not only it treats nausea, but it has been recently shown to treat diarrhea, bloating, gas, and symptoms of IBS pain.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a known antibacterial and antiviral agent, which when combined with a carrier oil like aloe vera or coconut oil can treat acne, warts, bug bites, cuts, and fungal infections. It can be even used for cleaning around the house.


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