Delta Responds To Ann Coulter’s Criticism By Criticizing Her

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For the most part, flying commercial is a terrible experience.

The recent fiasco with United Airlines was a reminder that there are a lot of airlines out there who aren’t exactly concerned with providing top notch customer service.

Ann Coulter experienced the downside of flying over the weekend when she paid for a preferred seat on Delta and didn’t get it.

Her tweets voicing her displeasure went viral.

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Then, Delta apologized. But not really…

From BizPac Review:

But the commercial air carrier’s reply appeared less-than-genuine. After initially extending its “sincere apology” to the firebrand author, along with a request to continue the conversation via direct message to “HJB,” it apparently had second thoughts.

It sent out two tweets — the first saying it would refund Coulter’s $30 seat upgrade, an indication of what value Delta placed on her customer complaint.

The second tweet criticized Coulter for voicing her complaint in the first place, which seems to fly in the face of customer relations 101.

Just had to get that dig in there huh?

You know what’s unacceptable and unnecessary?

Inconveniencing customers all the time.

Companies used to live by the motto that the customer is always right.

That mentality is pretty much dead and gone.

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