DIY Button Owl Art

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I saw the most adorable button elephant artwork pop up in my Facebook newsfeed a couple days ago. I searched for the original creator and found it was made by the Busted Button. You have to check out her super cute elephants (and hippo!) over at her blog. Since I’ve had owls on the mind this week (I finally finished my Owl Lovey Blanket), I thought I would try my hand at this button art and create a button owl!

I pretty much followed the tutorial over at Busted Button, but I will walk you through some of the details.

– Lots of Buttons!
– 8×8 Canvas
– Hot Glue Gun

First I googled “owl clip art” and found an owl that I liked. THIS ONE if you want to use the same image as me. I printed it at 200% and then cut it out and used it as a template to trace directly on my canvas.


Then I used acrylic paint to paint the inside of the lines. You will want to paint coordinating colors in the spaces you will place your buttons.

Now start hot glueing your buttons on! You will want to create at least two layers of buttons to fill in gaps. I started on the outer edge and worked my way inward.

Upside down heart buttons make perfect ears and star buttons make perfect owl feet. I found the orange triangle buttons at JoAnn Fabrics. They are Belle Buttons by Dritz.


I also opted to use green flower buttons (because that is what I had on hand) instead of creating leaf shapes for my tree branch. I am sure you could find leaf shaped buttons in the craft stores (especially during the fall season). 
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