DIY Minion Easter Eggs

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Easter is quickly approaching and our kids are getting really excited about decorating Easter eggs. In fact my daughter has been asking to dye eggs for weeks. It’s one of my favorite traditions to do with them every year and I think I’m just as excited as they are. This year we started a little early so we could share our creations with you! Our first egg-decorating tutorial is Minion Easter Eggs.

To make your Easter Egg Minions you will need:

Yellow and Blue Easter Eggs
Black electrical tape
Glue Dots
Black sharpie marker
Wiggly Eyes

First step is to separate the yellow and blue eggs, and then mismatch them. So one will now have a yellow top and a blue bottom. Cut the black electrical tape into a thin strip and stick it to the top yellow half.  Use a glue dot to stick a wiggly eye in place, draw on hair and a mouth with a black sharpie marker. EASY as that you have a bunch of adorable Minions to call your very own.


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