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Every year I am startled by how quickly New Year’s Eve comes on the heels of Christmas! You’d think the date changed from year-to-year or something. 🙂 As a result I usually end up scrambling to come up with ways to celebrate. This year the girls and I decided to get a jump on things and came up with some fun and festive ideas for ringing in the new year that don’t take a lot of time or money! Now we’re ready for the New Year’s Eve sneak attack! 🙂

DIY New Years

DIY New Years

Balloon Drop

We had fun putting this one together. Brittany (the newest member of our team) was the mastermind behind it. Since we have vaulted ceilings we decided to use the ceiling fan as our “anchor” to hold a plastic tablecloth (I found a silver one in the Hanukkah party decorations section of Walmart) full of balloons. Brittany cut the tablecloth in quarters and then reattached the pieces using pieces of masking tape. She also taped some long pieces of ribbon along the seams. One strong pull and all the balloons came tumbling down! It was so much fun! It would be a terrific way to ring in the New Year at home!

DIY New Years

Countdown Balloons

Fill several balloons with helium and tie them in a row to help mark the hours as you countdown to midnight. This is especially helpful for a party with kids who keep asking “How much longer?” 🙂 You could also do these balloons without helium and just tape them to a door or wall. Pop one each hour, on the hour, until midnight!


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