DIY Rain Chain

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DIY Rain Chain (To Replace Your Downspout)

Rain chains are an alternative way for the rain water to travel from your gutter to the ground. By replacing your standard downspout with a RAIN CHAIN, you can create an effective, beautiful ‘waterfall’.  The rain trickles down in such a pleasing manner with a zen-like sound.  It is a truly a stunning alternative to a standard rain downspout.

They come is so many different looks and made from many different materials – metal, rock, ceramics along with other materials. 

In a way rain chains can help replace the gutter hanging on many homes channeling the water usually into some type of rain barrel or drainage system.

First, you will need to purchase a rain installation kit that looks like this….


 A great #DIY on using rain chains instead of traditional downspouts ! Read about it on DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE


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