Don’t fret about leftover hotel soap – they’re using it to help battle pneumonia and other diseases around the globe

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When traveling the one thing you always know that you won’t have to pack is soap. You can always count on your hotel or motel to have those tiny little bars waiting for you when you arrive. But more often times than not, you only use that bar a few times leaving the majority of it behind.

But more often times than not, you only use that bar a few times leaving the majority of it behind. Hotels traditionally just toss that soap out and leave fresh new ones for the next guest.


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But did you know that saving that partially used hunk of soap can save a child’s life?

According to Clean the World, pneumonia and diarrheal disease are the two leading causes of death among children under the age of 5-year-old. These diseases kill about 9,000 children each day and almost 2 million a year.


Source: Clean the World

The solution to this epidemic doesn’t require vaccines or expensive medications. All these kids need is some soap. Using a bar of soap is estimated to reduce those statistics by 30 to 65 percent.

Coincidentally, hotels toss out more than 2 million pieces of soap every single day.

That’s why Clean the World is making an effort to reach out to these hotels to prevent those soaps from ending up in landfills. Clean the World partners with hotels and gets their staff to save the used soap pieces and other hygiene products.


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Clean the World then takes those products, sterilizes and recycles them to redistribute to indigent people in countries around the world.

You can learn more about Clean the World by watching the video below or by visiting their website to make a donation and learn about volunteer opportunities.

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