Easy Low-FODMAP Recipes That Will Help You Crack the Code

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In a world filled with crazy crash diets (raise your hand if you’ve tried at least five fads!), the low-FODMAP elimination diet stands out as a plan that is actually legit. It’s got some serious science behind it, and we all know real-life people plagued with intense digestive issues who have experience relief by going low-FODMAP.

But the problem with low-FODMAP is that nobody really talks about low-FODMAP. This isn’t Fight Club, people! Low-FODMAP may be effective, but it’s also pretty complicated. How the heck are we supposed to follow this super-important diet if we can’t figure out what we’re allowed to eat?

We’ve got some recipes for you that completely take out all of the guesswork.

What is the low-FODMAP diet?

First developed by researchers at Monash University to control symptoms of IBS, the FODMAP “diet” is not a diet but a lifestyle change that’s necessary and beneficial for those who are in excruciating pain on a daily basis. I encourage you to read this article to…

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