<em>Broad City</em> Celebrates 420 The Only Way They Know How

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In the words of Ilana Glazer, “Happy Holidaze!” Today was one of the lord’s most holiest days – 420 – a national holiday for weed…you know, if you blaze, bro. It’s a blissful day, where most hilariously high school teens run some mad shenanigans, skipping class to get high, playing pranks, irritating teachers who have no power to quell the pot-appetites of the American teenager. For adults trying to keep the spirit of 420 alive, they likely already smoke weed on the regs, so it’s not that thrilling. Unless…you’re Abbi and Ilana of Broad City, a pair who can breathe (or cough, or exhale) hilarity into anything.

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To keep hungry fans at bay for their hotly anticipated upcoming season, the duo have been making a series of YouTube shorts called Hack Into Broad City. And the notoriously high best friends would never pass up an opportunity to give us some BC 420 love. Today they released a one and a half…

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