This Family’s Sitting On Their Patio, But When They Stand Up? MIND-BLOWING!!

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This Family’s Sitting On Their Patio, But When They Stand Up? MIND-BLOWING!!

Hidden Water Pools, a California-based company, has made it its mission to change the way wee look at swimming pools forever. And you know what? They’re doing a pretty good job of it, considering this video alone has been seen over a million times! Seriously, have you ever seen an outdoor patio transform into a pool and back again, in mere minutes?!

That’s right — with the flip of a switch, “the platform that can be lowered to any depth between one inch and about six feet. The system keeps water in reserve, which it then pumps into the newly materialized pool bed.” Uh-mazing. I want, I want, I want.

But the easiest way to get an idea of how this magical patio-pool works is to see for yourself. Check it out!

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Benefits of the Hidden Water Pool:

– Saves space in your garden
– Safe for Kids
– Variable Depth
– Keeps it clean

Space saving

A swimming pool will take up a lot of space in your garden. This will mean that you can’t normally use the space for anything else. However, by using a hidden water pool you can still enjoy every inch of your garden for whatever you want. You can place a table on top of the pool and dine there normally. The only time you need to reveal the pool is when you are ready to take a splash.

Safe for Kids

Another major concern people have when deciding to install a swimming pool is the safety of their children. A hidden water pool is completely safe for kids because there is no uncovered water. This also means that you don’t need to fit fences and gates to prevent young children from entering the water. The pool is completely safe, and the water will only be accessible when you open the pool to use it.

Variable Depth

Some pools may have sloping bottoms for different depths. However, a hidden water pool is variable. This allows the user to open the pool to any depth. Whether you have kids who want a paddling pool, or bigger kids who want a pool they can dive into, this hidden water pool is ideal.

Keeps it Clean

Another advantage of having a hidden water pool is that it will keep the water much cleaner. It should prevent leaves and debris from falling into the pool because it is closed up whenever you don’t want to use it.


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