Feminist Halloween Costumes for Your Kid

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There’s no denying it: We’re looking at the tail end of a politically charged year. And 2017 kids are likely a lot more aware of the fraught sociopolitical climate surrounding them than, say, 2010 kids were. If you’re a parent, you may be fielding kids’ questions about racism, sexism and bigotry more often than you’d like. But keep those answers coming, because honest discussion is the only way we can hope to foster a new generation of open-minded, educated, empowered, free-thinking intersectional feminists. Well, that and Halloween costumes.

Why not? There’s no reason kids can’t turn this holiday of dress-up and make-believe into a fun and educational chance to embody a powerful woman — real or imagined — who’s got strength and smarts in spades. At the very least, it’ll be a welcome switch from princesses and fairies.

And hey, even if you can’t fully explain to your baby quite yet what it means to believe in full equality for all genders, religions, orientations, races and…

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