Firefighters Emerge From Fighting Wildfire Singing Chilling Hymn With Words That Are Going Viral

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Firefighting is an extremely stressful career. Every single day, brave men and women face death and flames in an attempt to save their fellow man.

Most recently, a group of firefighters from Trinity County went viral after a video of them singing was uploaded to YouTube.

In the video’s title, the firefighters are referred to as the “Samoa Hotshot crew”; however, it’s unclear if this titling is the result of the members being Samoan or chosen simply because they are featured singing a Samoan song.

In case you didn’t know (cause I definitely didn’t), hotshots are “elite firefighting crews” who are sent to isolated locations to fight wildfires.


National Firefigher

Source: National Firefigher

According to National Geographic, there are approximately 107 hotshot crews in the United States, with Dick Smith, a retired firefighter explaining (via National Geographic):

“In the world of wildland firefighting today, the hotshot crews are similar to the Special Forces in the military.”

“They’re highly trained and can meet the highest physical requirements.”

Now, if these firefighters’ videos are any indication, the Samoa Hotshot Crew are definitely some of the funnest hotshots around. (See the following clip for proof.)