Fresno State Professor Who Said ‘Trump Must Hang’ Regrets He Didn’t Make His Twitter Private

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President Trump must hang. The future of American democracy depends on it.

These are the words of a far-left professor at Cal State, Fresno.


From Daily Caller:

The California State University, Fresno professor who tweeted “Trump must hang” said in a Sunday article he wished he had made his Twitter account private.

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“I would probably have made the Twitter account private, had I realized you could easily do that,” said [Lars] Maischak to Politico.

The professor had tweeted “To save American democracy, Trump must hang. The sooner and higher the better” and “Justice = The execution of two Republicans for each deported immigrant,” among other remarks. After the election, Maischak argued to his students that Trump could be executed, like past fascist leaders, but told Politico that “it got students who voted for Trump very angry.” After being kicked off-campus, however, Maischak reports that his students mostly supported him.

Fresno State banned Maischak from the campus and had him convert his classes to online classes.

Of course Maischak wishes he made his Twitter account private now. He got caught.

That’s what people say when they get caught.

You won’t ever see Maischak admit that what he said was wrong, though, noooo. That, to him (because he’s devoid of morals) would be wrong.

As much as we conservatives loathed Barack Obama and every single person who worked in his abomination of an administration, we never wished death upon the 44th president.

That alone sums up the difference between liberals and conservatives.

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