Fun Things to Do With Kids This Fall

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Sure, summer is often filled with sandy selfies by the shore, sticky ice cream stains on every shirt and laughter-filled sunsets with your kids. But the season that follows offers a whole new slew of memories to be made. With adventures in produce-picking (Apples? Pears? Pumpkins? Oh my!) and indoor entertainment alike, developing fun family fall traditions is a task many parents take on post-Labor Day. In addition to carving funny/spooky jack-o’-lanterns, raking up a pile of leaves for after-school jumping contests and picking up probably too many gallons of apple cider, there are plenty of activities perfect for autumn that you might not have thought of yet. We tapped a few moms of the internet for their top treasured traditions you can easily adopt too.

Visit museums

Summertime attracts much larger culture-seeking crowds since most kids are free from busy school schedules. But feeling like a sardine in the natural history museum is nobody’s idea of fun, so why not head there…

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