Gluten Free Sugar Cookies (Vegan)

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Have I ever told you I subsisted primarily on sugar cookies and pumpkin pie during the holidays as a child? Because it’s true.

If I were to total up all the sugar cookies I’ve eaten in my lifetime, I’d surely be appalled. I suppose there are worse things to indulge in, but none come to mind at the moment (besides the number of double scoop ice cream cones I’ve devoured in 29 years – oy).

Gluten Free Sugar Cookies! #recipe #glutenfree #cookies #dessert #vegan

In the past several years, many of my friends and family members have become gluten intolerant, or simply try to avoid it. Not to mention, many of you love gluten-free recipes! So I’m always happy to accommodate and experiment with GF eats.

One recipe that has eluded me up until recently was sugar cookies that were gluten free and vegan. My closest attempt was the gluten free sugar cookies (still delicious!) I made last year. Such a great one if you eat eggs!

EASY 1 Bowl Gluten Free Sugar Cookies! Slightly crisp, perfectly sweet #vegan #glutenfree #cookies #dessert

This recipe is the real deal – vegan, gluten free, and butter free! Plus, it’s made in just 1 bowl with 10 ingredients (excluding frosting + toppings). Talk about easy!

In place of vegan butter is coconut oil, which gives these cookies a tender texture with a little bite, and no trace of coconut flavor! However, if you’re weary of using coconut oil, you can always default to vegan butter.

EASY 1 Bowl Gluten Free Sugar Cookies! Slightly crisp, perfectly sweet #vegan #glutenfree #cookies #dessert #minimalistbaker

This recipe is also quite fast! Simply make your dough, roll it out, cut out shapes, freeze 10 minutes and bake! The whole process takes about 1 hour and while they’re cooling, it’s the perfect time to make your frosting and toppings of choice.

Speaking of toppings, I went with my favorite vegan buttercream frosting, naturally-dyed cane sugar (found at Whole Foods!) and crushed freeze-dried blueberries.

EASY Gluten Free Sugar Cookies! No eggs, no dairy, NO BUTTER! #vegan #glutenfree #cookies #dessert #recipeVEGAN GLUTEN FREE Sugar Cookies made in 1 bowl! #vegan #glutenfree #cookie #dessert #recipe

I hope you all love these sugar cookies! They’re:

Slightly crisp
Perfectly sweet
& Delicious

Make these for all your holiday gatherings, or when you’re just craving a good sugar cookie (me, every week). If you’re not gluten free, simply sub all purpose flour for…

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