GOP Senators Take Veiled Swipes At Trump For Not Condemning Charlottesville Rally Strongly Enough

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Everyone has heard about the white supremacist nonsense in Virginia that left one person dead yesterday.

Giving these people attention gives them more credibility than they deserve but that seems to be inevitable at this point.

Trump came out with a great statement condemning everyone involved in the attack and you’d think that would be enough.

Nope. Democrats immediately criticized him for not being forceful enough and tried to connect him to the white supremacist movement which is obviously ridiculous and beyond the pale.

It wasn’t just Democrats.  Even some Republicans took veiled swipes at him.

Here’s Cory Gardener.

Did he not actually read what Trump said? Trump clearly condemned the attack. You’re arguing with him over word choice? A little petty don’t you think?

Some other GOP senators took similar tones.

Chuck Todd added his 2 cents…

Obviously, Todd is implying that the President of the United States supports this movement which is nothing more than a disgusting smear.

Pretty low brow for those senators to pretend that Trump is the person to criticize at a time like this.

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