Grandma Sends Text To Wrong Person And Becomes ‘Adopted Nana’

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Grandma sends message to wrong number but gains a new friend in the end

There is an old saying that goes, “There are no strangers here; only friends you haven’t met yet.” A chance text to a wrong number on her granddaughter’s birthday may have just turned two strangers into lifelong friends.

Jen Deaderick of Massachusetts got a text a few days ago from a woman named Opal who “sang” her Happy Birthday via text. Only it wasn’t Deaderick’s birthday and she didn’t know anyone named Opal. It turns out it was Opal’s granddaughter’s birthday and she had the wrong number. It also seems Opal’s emoji game is strong.

Image via Jen Deaderick

So Deaderick told Opal that she’d unfortunately sent her sweet message to the wrong person and Opal immediately responded with “Sorry. Have a blessed day.” While most people would have left it at that, Deaderick felt compelled to respond further.

Our greatest and most important skill as humans is our ability to communicate and form…

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